16.mai.2010 kl.08:11

you are an international celebrity rite?

so are you not suppose to write in English? I don't understand a word of Norwegian, unless i use google translator. Still its hard but i worth watching your blogg if cant read it.

Love u


18.mai.2010 kl.08:07

I wonder if Negar ever reads any comment, i am sure she would never : (

Hi Jeff. I do read my comments, but idon'tpublish all my comments. You are not the only one requesting me to write in English. When i write in English i get asked to write in Norwegian so i will be mixing the languages.





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19.mai.2010 kl.23:56

kom tilbake til norge :D her er det sol!


29.mai.2010 kl.19:50

u r no doubt a international celebrity... ya plz plz plz use english...
i m new to your blog.... but i love it u r so beautiful... i love ur pics....
u r no doubt a international celebrity...
i have been ur fan from ur first song CHADTI JAWANI...

Negar Khan Paradise

29.mai.2010 kl.21:53

XUBI: I will try to write more English :)

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